Custom Pony Coils

Portable Packaging Solutions

Our pony coils come in both steel and plastic strapping.  They are available in both stock amounts and custom quantities to meet specific application needs. While standard size coils are ideal for large-scale operations, Coyle’s 200-foot travel packs of steel pony coils provide an ideal portable solution. Weighing only 7-10 lb, these travel packs can be easily transported to any type of jobsite requiring reliable strapping – eliminating the need for heavy 100-lb steel coils. These coils can be packed in our own standard boxes or in custom boxes of your choosing.

Although lightweight and portable, our pony coils offer the same quality and reliability as our heavy-duty packaging solutions, and are available in various sizes to suit specific project needs. Allowing for great versatility, pony coils can be used with traditional strapping tools and seals. They may be purchased on their own or in a kit, and are available in both single and large quantities.

All of our pony coils are made on-site and are subject to rigorous quality-control standards.

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We’ve built our business on outstanding customer service, and our team works closely with all clients to create reliable custom solutions for specific packaging and distribution needs. Curious to learn more about our lightweight, portable pony strapping or discuss other options for your packaging needs? Reach out to the team today. We’re on hand to answer any questions you may have.